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Tzeda Funds

Community-first, innovative solutions.

Interested in learning more about how we curate our funds?

How we create our funds

"We are deeply committed to meeting the community’s needs at the forefront of the most innovative and inclusive approaches to philanthropy and giving. Our fund approach is centered on our deep relationships and listening to the collective lived experience of communities who’ve been historically underinvested and left out of traditional philanthropy. We are developing national and local community advisory boards (CABs) as a core part of our practice. These CAB members have deep connection to their community, and have a track record of meaningful and measurable change in their respective impact areas and lived experience."

Mỹ Tâm Nguyễn, Co-Founder and COO

Data and Process

Democratizing Giving:  We don’t have a minimum on how much and how often you can give. We meet you where you are, and do the legwork to make your giving experience simple and easy while prioritizing the impact of the work of the organizations and causes you support. 

Three Point Validation: We start with validating with existing databases, we then complement this by reaching out to our national networks of and local practitioners for the organizations they see on the ground doing the most impactful work, and finally, we cross-reference within our own databases and algorithms to align the values and track record of organizations to recommend to our final user.

Systems Thinking: Instead of putting all the pressure on users to identify organizations, we combine our community-based research and design, validated by our community of advisors, and align with our internal research and machine learning to develop portfolios focused on transformative solutions.


Leveraging AI: We leverage recommender systems to estimate the likelihood that a community member will donate to an individual organization based on historical data. We use unsupervised machine learning approaches to cluster organizations into similar solutions while accounting for the intersectionality of the issue area.

Data Integrity: Unlike other giving platforms that limit donations to IRS-qualified public charities, Tzeda focuses on grassroots, BIPOC-led organizations, community leaders, and groups that may not be represented in existing databases. We combine publicly available data with theory and evidence to build predictive models of the potential impact of an organization for every dollar donated.





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