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About Us

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to give with ease and intentionality, and that together communities can support their communities  to make long lasting change.

Tzeda is the Aramaic root word of Tzedek meaning “justice.” Co-founders Muhammed Idris and Gina Schulman practice the weekly value of Sadaqah or Tzedakah respectively in their homes through their own faith practices, and were inspired to help create a culture of giving accessible to everyone using innovative, intuitive technology and the power of popular culture. Along with Mỹ Tâm Nguyễn, they partnered to build a platform that matches community needs with donors' interests and prioritizes BIPOC-led and grassroots organizations. This end-to-end platform will provide everyone an opportunity to receive personalized recommendations, centralize their giving, and amplify the voices of those they are supporting.


Gina Schulman


Gina Schulman is driven to leverage popular culture for social change. After nearly two decades as a leading entertainment publicist, with her clients featured in virtually all premiere television and news publications, she saw the opportunity to bridge her vast network of leading actors, musicians, agencies and executives and the urgent needs of under-resourced communities. After helping to raise and distribute more than $9M in twelve months with a leading music industry non-profit, she founded Tzeda to scale access to strategic giving for all.

Muhammed Y. Idris Ph.D.


Muhammed Y. Idris, Ph.D., is a data scientist and creative technologist with a versatile background ranging from finance, consumer technology, and healthcare to building AI-powered products for humanitarian assistance. His TED Talk on building technology for and with refugees has over 1.8 million views. Passionate about leveraging his expertise for social change, Muhammed leads Tzeda’s technology and product development to create innovative and democratic pathways for impactful giving.


From affordable housing innovation to city planning to inclusive finance, My Tam H. Nguyen is a serial social entrepreneur and founder who excels at scaling community-rooted programs and policies for social transformation. A graduate of the University of Washington and Harvard University, My Tam’s approach pairs visionary strategy with grassroots integrity to catalyze systems change. My Tam leads operations, project management, and strategy for Tzeda to cultivate community, connection, and systems change in giving and philanthropy. She serves on the advisory council of JustFund, the funding committee of the Share Fund, and the UW Press.

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