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We Cultivate Giving Culture

Tzeda supports your giving journey from beginning to end by making it intuitive, impactful, and shareable.

We provide an end-to-end donor subscription platform, offering personalized giving recommendations in response to community needs to make tangible and scalable social change.

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Our Values

We are committed to the self-determination of those who are most vulnerable to injustice and harm, and prioritize investment in grassroots, BIPOC-led organizations, collectives and individuals.

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How It Works


Explore Your Potential Impact

Through our Tzeda Survey, we learn about your values, vision, and desired impact.


Track Your Impact

Our platform provides comprehensive visibility on your impact over time. We generate tax receipts to make your reporting seamless and stress-free.


Receive Curated Giving Recommendations

We generate a personalized recommended giving portfolio and plan to ensure your investment goes most directly to the greatest need.


Amplify Your Impact

We provide original creative content and compelling data to share on your social platforms and inspire collective change.

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