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We bring together community and tech to provide personalized recommendations to support innovative, hyperlocal funds on the issues you care about most

Giving today is uninformed.
Community needs are dynamic.


With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

  • We connect you with organizations and community leaders who align with your values, mission and objectives around giving.


  • We provide learning on the needs of your local community and the organizations making the biggest impact.

  • We prioritize grant making to grassroots, local, often BIPOC led 501-c3, 501-c4, community groups and individuals.


  • We use software to create a personalized and optimized giving experience while intentionally keeping the needs of the communities top of mind.



What We Offer

The Tzeda platform empowers everyone to support communities at scale.

Complete Tzeda Survey

Take our short Tzeda survey, which helps your clarify your values, mission, and goals around giving.

Get Personalized

We also consider community priorities and the potential impact to recommend causes and organizations to support.

Track Impact, Manage Tax Receipts

We provide a really simple user experience to automate and track your donations, tax receipts, and impact.

Leverage Your Network for Activism

We create original content for your social media platforms to amplify messaging through a click of a button.

Personalized Recommendations

We combine the domain expertise of Community Advisory Boards with internal research and machine learning to develop tailored funds around transformative solutions that are aligned with your values, missions, and objectives.


Built for Community, by Community

Our mission is to democratize access to planned giving.
Our vision is to restore community to philanthropy.

Speed & Security

Personalized & Optimized

Community & Technology


Are You Ready to Maximize Your Impact With Our Technology Solutions?

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